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General Infertility, Fertility Clinic in Maple Grove, MN

Treatment Options

A number of factors can contribute to difficulties conceiving, MCRH and their participating clinics offer a full spectrum of infertility services to effectively treat these problems. After careful consideration of your options, you will play an active role in the design of your individual treatment plan. We recognize that you are in the best position to factor in your emotional, religious, ethical and financial status. We supply you with information regarding the costs and effectiveness of the options, empowering you to enroll in a treatment plan which fits your specific needs.

Fertility Medications for Women and Men

The full range of oral and injectable medications may be prescribed by the team at MCRH to effectively improve ovulation abnormalities in women, sperm production in men. We recognize that a number of oral and injectable medications can be safely and effectively used to produce a healthy ovulation. It is also true that you, as a patient, may be asked to prepare for use of these medications in order to optimize your chances for ovulation and a healthy pregnancy, and a healthy baby. After careful consideration of the risks, benefits, costs and risks which accompany the medications, an effective treatment plan will be prepared.

Ovulation strategies are often combined with intrauterine insemination (IUI) for more effective treatment. Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a procedure that involves placing sperm into a women's uterus through a catheter during ovulation. When needed, this technique can improve chances for adequate numbers of sperm to reach the fallopian tube, leading to fertilization of the egg.

Surgical Intervention

There are times when surgical approaches to infertility are necessary. A full spectrum of surgeries are offered by MCRH, either directly or through close collaboration with a number of gynecologic or urologic surgeons. Often, it is possible and recommended that your local ob/gyn perform surgeries with which they feel qualified and comfortable.

Cryopreservation for Oncology Patients

It is not uncommon for patients in the reproductive age range to suffer from cancer. Many of the treatment protocols include radiation or chemotherapy in order to optimize the chances of recovery. Unfortunately, these treatments often result in difficulties with conception. It is extremely important that you be informed of the reproductive challenges which may lie ahead, including options for preservation of fertility. The team at MCRH can facilitate sperm cryopreservation, for men, as well as informative discussions regarding options for women. We encourage you to make an appointment to review all options which may be available to you.