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Getting Started, Fertility Treatment, Infertility Services in Maple Grove, MN

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The First Appointment: Preparing for Success

It is important that our patients provide an accurate and complete medical history prior to the initial consultation. We realize that your time is valuable, and strive to become thoroughly knowledgeable about you before you present for your first consultation. Though it may take additional time up-front, the benefits are immeasurable. After reviewing each patient’s medical records, we develop specialized treatment options that allow for the greatest chance of success.

During your initial consultation, we will present our findings, make recommendations and help you develop a customized treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs. For many of our patients, the plan will include basic reproductive care. However, if there is a need for more advanced technologies, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), we offer the most leading-edge treatments available today.

Boy, Frog, Fertility Treatment, Infertility Services in Maple Grove, MN