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News and Media

The media can be a good source of information about infertility and assisted reproductive technologies. The team at MCRH dedicates considerable time and resources to provide our patients with the necessary tools and information they need to make educated decisions about their treatment. Dr. Corfman often participates in media interviews to share his expertise in the field of reproductive healthcare. Please see the following articles and interviews below.

In addition to general media outlets, Dr. Corfman also provides education opportunities via speaking engagements at high schools, colleges and universities, and in professional venues. We encourage you to review some of his recent presentations located here.

Media Articles and Interviews:

July, 2016

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December, 2012
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August, 2012
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October, 2011
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June, 2011
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July, 2009
PGD Screening

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article addressing Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening (PGS). This is a technique used mainly in older patients who have a higher likelihood of producing genetically abnormal eggs. It can ascertain whether a given embryo is genetically normal or not based on chromosome numbers. There is more evidence that this technique does not increase the chances for older patients to have live births. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine is currently re-affirming its guidance that 'available evidence does not support the use of embryo screening to increase live birth rates in women of advanced maternal age.'

MCRH does offer pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) for single gene disorders and certain chromosome-related cases, but does not do across the board embryo screening in the advanced maternal age group.

If you have questions about PGD, please call our office.

June, 2009
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March, 2008 (44 minutes 41 seconds)
Radio Interview with Pat Snyder from 55WSAU Radio in Wausau, WI


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