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IVF, Fertility Clinic in Maple Grove, MN


When you decide to proceed with IVF, or any infertility treatment, we recognize that you will be faced with a number of challenges. The team at MCRH goes to great lengths to ensure that you have the most complete information when making decisions regarding your infertility care, and to support you with the treatment plans you choose. IVF provides a number of special challenges to you, and we have acknowledged this by preparing a number of written and video resources aimed specifically at successful completion of IVF. Specifically, our MCRH IVF Handbook and DVD provide welcome aid to you as you begin IVF treatment.

MCRH IVF Handbook
The MCRH Handbook is an informative resource for patients beginning their first IVF cycle or in the midst of ART treatments. This handbook has been designed and utilized over the past 21 years with input from staff, educators and patients, serving as an all-inclusive source of information for your IVF/ART treatment. From initial testing, to medications and side effects, to injection tips and important facts and figures, this Handbook will help answer questions you may have about your IVF/ART treatment program.

MCRH Fresh/Frozen IVF Handbook

Mother Holding Infant, Fertility Clinic in Maple Grove, MN

Injection Teaching Resources

For video instructions on IVF medications, please watch the videos below. You can also refer to the handbook for IM injection sites.

HCG for Letrozole, Clomid & Superovulation HCG for IVF
IVF Stimulation Medications Progesterone in Oil

At MCRH we recognize that a picture is sometimes worth a thousand words. With this in mind, we have prepared a DVD which provides a visual overview of what you will experience when you choose to undergo IVF at MCRH. You will be able to familiarize yourself with the IVF experience, from the time you are welcomed into our doors through the moment you leave our facility.